Computational design
& Digital fabrication





EM - 2021

Park bench

Consortium project with BoON et Quinzhee
Role: architectural design  | computational design |  Fabrication

The project was meant to bring people together, just like its conception.

After a year of pandemic, where the city was deserted by its inhabitants confined to their homes, the time had come to meet again, to see each other and to revive this warm human contact so necessary to our well-being. In search of this lost, even forgotten human contact, this installation embraces the site with its voluptuous curves which are offered in the form of benches. Its smooth and continuous edges marry the shape of the ground like the veil of a dress. The installation embraces a majestic tree to create a meeting space, a stopping point to discuss, exchange and reconnect.

Photo credit: Maryse Béland
Client: Ville de Québec
Design :
Mock/up: Véronique Côté,  Hugo Thibaudeau, Maurane Paradis,
Boon:  Bruno Verge, Jean-Nicholas Bouchard, Julie Bradette
Quinzhee: Guillaume Fafard
Fabrication & installation: In addition to the above mentioned names,
Thierry Thibaudeau,  Philippe Labbé, Roxane Giroux-T., Gabriel Faggion, Ann-Frédéric Brochet, Catherine Parent, Laurence Audet, Marie-Jeanne Allaire-Côté, Anne Rousseau, Maxime Allard , Gabriel Lemelin, Juliette Morneau
and Séquoia General contractor
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